Volleyball Pitches

Durasurf Limited builds volleyball pitches that suit the specific needs of various schools, universities and public sports facilities. We have experience building volleyball pitches on tight budgets and on strict timelines. We offer a wide variety of volleyball pitch floorings for both indoor and outdoor pitches. Contact us today for a commercial netball court quote.

Base Options

  • Concrete base
  • Asphalt base
  • Indoor concrete court

Sports Surface Options

  • Non-Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Turf sport flooring – imported on order
  • PU Indoor Sports Floor
  • Tartan Flooring
  • Line Marking
  • Custom logo


  • Court polycoated chainlink fencing
  • Court Lighting solutions (Solar Available)
  • Court bleachers & stadium seats
  • Digital Score boards
  • Sun shades and fence privacy nets
  • Goal posts & nets
  • Prefabricated / modular / container offices & changing rooms

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