Pedestrian Walkways

Safety and appearance are the priorities when it comes to Walkways. Our sourced surface products meet or exceed Safety Standards to ensure the safety of users on your walkway. We can provide multiple surface types and help you choose the products that best meet your needs. Our staff is knowledgeable and understands that each project is unique and each customer has different needs.

Base Options

  • Concrete base
  • Asphalt base
  • Murram base

Sports Surface Options

  • SBR + PU + 100% original EPDM + line (Sandwich rubber running track flooring)
  • Tartan Flooring
  • Non-Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Line Marking
  • Custom lines and numbering


  • Park Lighting solutions (Solar Available)
  • Sun shades and fence privacy nets
  • Prefabricated / modular / container offices & changing rooms

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