Multiuse (MUGA) Courts

Durasurf Limited are a premium and highly experienced contractor that specialises in building and construction of both indoor & outdoor sports courts and pitches. We build new sports courts, as well as resurface, refurbish and upgrade old murram, concrete and asphalt/tarmac sports courts for for a wide range of clients inculding but not limited to: schools, sports clubs; hotels, recerational centres, commercial sports centres and organization owned sports facilities. Our tennis court surfaces include rubberized and cushioned acrylic sports courts, artificial turf courts and pitches, natural grass football and rugby pitches construction, hardtop concrete or asphalt / tarmac sports courts as wll as soft (murram) tennis courts. We also import specialised sports flooring materials for our clients from various international manufacturers and suppliers. We have a highly trained inhouse team capable of installing to high standards various sports courts and pitches floorings.

Base Options

  • Concrete base
  • Asphalt base
  • Clay / Murram court
  • Indoor concrete court

Sports Surface Options

  • Non-Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Cushioned Acrylic Sports Outdoor Surface
  • Turf sport flooring – imported on order
  • PU Indoor Sports Floor
  • Tartan Flooring
  • Line Marking
  • Custom logo


  • Court polycoated chainlink fencing
  • Court Lighting solutions (Solar Available)
  • Court bleachers & stadium seats
  • Digital Score boards
  • Sun shades and fence privacy nets
  • Goal posts & nets – Basketball, removable tennis, netball & volleyball posts
  • Prefabricated / modular / container offices & changing rooms

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