We're Durasurf

Welcome to Durasurf! We are the region’s leading specialized Sports, recreational, outdoor, specialized flooring and multi-use facilities contractor and installer. Based in Nairobi, we have presence and project coverage in the whole of East Africa region.

We construct high quality sports courts, including but not limited to: tennis courts, netball pitches, basketball courts, football pitches, volleyball pitches, and kids play areas.

We also carry out installations for specialized flooring needs which include but are not limited to: indoor and outdoor sports floorings, commercial floorings, industrial floorings, as well as polished concrete floorings. Other facility and installations include steel and EPS modular facilities, light steel structures, outdoor and street furniture, temporary and portable facilities, low cost parking lots and driveways. We have partnered with internationally approved manufacturers overseas who supply to us flooring and sports surfacing materials for large scale projects that require international sports compliance.

We have carried out projects for various well known institutions including international schools, five star hotels and sport centers, universities, government organizations, as well as working with various developers and architects to come up with concepts for planning and designing of outdoor, sports and recreational spaces.

We are founded and run by a professional Civil Engineer with over ten years’ experience in the construction industry locally and abroad, we deliver our projects with exceptionally high professional standards, employing modern construction and project management practices. We have capability to deliver small to large projects in time and with high specifications as clients’ demand of us.

Safety is a priority: We understand most of our clients are particularly keen on the safety of the surfaces we install, be it sports surfaces and outdoor surfaces, indoor surfaces, kids’ surfaces or other commercial surfaces. We strive to offer the safest surfaces to walk on, ride on, play on, and live on through an in-house comprehensive safety control system. We emphasize on the following points when guaranteeing safety on our surfaces.

  • Who is going to be using our surfaces? (kids, sports-men and women, general outdoor / indoor usage, wetness exposure)
  • What are the appropriate materials for installation?
  • What degree of safety will be suitable on our surfaces so as not to compromise quality?
  • Are our proposed surfaces hazardous to the general environment?

Services & Installations:

Durasurf Ltd, as a registered contractor has capability to carry out specialized projects in the following sectors:

  • Construction of new sports courts inclusive of Tennis courts, Basketball courts, Handball courts, Netball courts, and Murram courts (Soft Courts)
  • Construction of Concrete courts and Asphalt Courts for Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Handball courts, Netball Courts and Volleyball pitches.
  • Renovation and resurfacing of existing Asphalt and Concrete Tennis courts, Basketball Courts, Netball courts to acrylic surfaces
  • Installation of sports turf, synthetic grass, tartan tracks and rubber tiling and flooring.
  • Installation of Rubberized Acrylic MULTI-LAYERED and Multi-colored safety layer for Multi Use Game Areas (MUGAS).

  • Suppliers and installers of Sports, outdoor, recreational and street furniture
  • Sports flooring in indoor sports Arenas e.g. Indoor Basketball, tennis, badminton and squash court arenas.
  • Industrial Epoxy flooring
  • Concrete polishing for commercial spaces, shopping malls, residential developments and entertainment areas.
  • Modular outdoor facilities e.g. classrooms and educational areas, medical camps hospitals, medical kiosks, as well as temporary facilities by use of EPS steel and concrete panels.

Project Presence

We construct high quality sports courts, including but not limited to: tennis courts, netball pitches, basketball courts, football pitches, volleyball pitches, and kids play areas.

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